April 24, 2017

Before discussing life on the trail, I find it imperative to begin the story of our two-thousand-mile journey with the eternal bus ride. We drove 27 hours from Bridgeport, CT to Gainesville, GA on three different Greyhounds.
People take the bus because it is simple and inexpensive. The upsides include avoiding TSA at the airport, not having to stay awake to drive, and being able to get anywhere for about $50.  The downsides include, but are not limited to, discomfort, cramping, exhaustion, nausea, inexplicable smells, and wasted time.  This made it an adventure in and of itself. We met the snorer, the boisterous conversationalist, the questionable parent, two army vets and an ex-convict. My favorite though, was Mr. Optimistic. He greeted us on the last leg of our journey by exclaiming, "Man the bus is an hour late and we've gotta take a detour too… Ya know, 85 collapsed about 10 days ago." We obviously used Google to verify, and he was correct. The highway we were supposed to take literally caught fire and collapsed. I will definitely be sticking to air travel from now on (not that I didn't love sitting for 27 hours straight and meeting such an entertaining cast along the way). Everyone should travel via bus at least once in their life. This way we can talk about how much it sucked! 

Will I be complaining about a bus ride after walking every day for months? Check back to find out.

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