Race Brook Falls to Mount Race


The Environmental Protection Agency announced that Americans typically spend 93% of their time indoors. We all know physical benefits of being outdoors, yet we allow our lives to spiral out. We go from home to work and from work to home banking on those 20 minutes at lunch when we can escape the fluorescent office drone for some honest sunlight. We crave the fresh air, the endorphins, the sunlight dancing across the trees, the sound of rushing water, the cold, crisp taste of a fresh, mountain spring.

Ever heard of forest bathing? I’m not necessarily talking about free balling in a mountain stream. Forest bathing is more of a total mental reset. In Japan, the practice is called shinrin-yoku, meaning bathing all the senses in the forest atmosphere. It’s the act of escaping into nature, taking in the subtle sounds, smells, sights.

This can have real and immediate physical health benefits. A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information measured cardiovascular and metabolic parameters during a forest bathing program. Participants had significantly lower pulse rates and lowers scores for depression, fatigue, anxiety, and confusion. The results remained significant when compared to urban area walking, providing further evidence for the calming effect of the forest bathing (Li Q et al., 2016).

This backpacking trip will involve two days of low mileage hiking to afford plenty of time for complete relaxation and enjoyment of the Race Brook Falls, Mount Race, and Sages Ravine.


Location: Sheffield, MA
Distance: 11 miles
Duration: 2 days, 1 night
Dates: July 21-22
Intensity: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 1,625 feet

Notable Features:
Views of the Housatonic River Valley from the Mount Race escarpment
Upper and Lower Race Brook Falls
Camp along Sage’s Ravine on the famed Appalachian Trail

This trip is perfect for beginner backpackers or anyone looking for a quick trip to reconnect with the outdoors.
Gear is available for rental upon request!
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Location: Race Brook Falls to Mount Race

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