Selden Island, CT


The 528-acre Selden Neck State Park is the largest island on the Connecticut River and one of Connecticut’s best kept secrets. It’s separated from its Eastern shore by Selden Creek, a calm, winding waterway. The creek is ideal for a lazy paddle around the island, away from the bustle of power boats on the river. The diversely wooded island is also ideal for exploration. Scattered trails meander across the land, leading to four different campsites, beaches, and old stone quarries. The island’s red granite schist was used to pave many of the streets of New York in the 1800’s. Today, the island remains uninhabited and undeveloped, making it the perfect escape.


This is easily the most customizable trip we offer. Everything from the activities to the distances can be adjusted to satisfy your craving for man-powered adventure. Spend the day kayaking around the island, have lunch on a sandy beach and return home for dinner. Choose to stay overnight at one of the four campsites and spend the day exploring the island. Pick from a variety of launch sites to optimize the distance paddled.

Imagine lounging in a hammock as the water laps against the beach. The sun warms your face, while the breeze off the river is comfortably cool. A bald eagle soars high above the water in search of its next meal. You hear the distinct honk of a swan taking flight and are disturbed only by the savory smell of dinner cooking over the fire.

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Location: Selden Island, CT

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