About Me My name is Lydia Walter. I am 23 years old, and I have always been passionate about personal fitness, team sports and enjoying the outdoors. Growing up, sun up to sun down, I was an outdoor kid. In the summer, there was no excuse to be inside until Dad whistled signaling dinner! I would even joke that I was an honorary Boy Scout because of my tendency to tag along with my dad and my brother on all the backpacking, climbing, and kayaking adventures of troop 22. This passion lied dormant while I focused on playing softball and obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from Western Connecticut State University. About Us I never dreamt I would start a company. Upon graduation, I needed to decompress and adventure. Three months later, I left Connecticut for the Springer Mountain and proceeded to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. It was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. When I returned home, I couldn't bring myself to stare at the inside of another classroom, office, or lab for the rest of my life. Help Me Hike was born out of the desire to help more people experience the benefits of getting outside through guided hikes, informative blogs, and consultations from someone who's been there. It should be about getting outside, like when you were a kid, without the stress of planning, packing, and preparing! Help Me Hike wants to provide you with the type of adventure that excites you, no matter what your level of experience or expertise. We offer a wide variety of options to get outdoors! Full Day Hike Choose your adventure with trips ranging from 4-10 miles in the New England area including but not limited to the Adirondacks, Catskills, White Mountains, and the Appalachian Trail. (6-8 hours) Overnight Trips Help Me Hike offers a wide variety of Multi-Day Hikes, Backpacking Trips, and even Supported Overnights in order to create the most memorable experience for every hiker. Gear is available for rent upon request! Prices vary based on number of days, location, and amenities provided. Multi-Day Hikes With this option you are free to choose your base camp, cabin, hotel and rest easy while HMH takes care of the rest. We can plan adventurous day hikes that get you back in time for dinner and a hot shower. Supported Overnights Like to hike and camp, but hate lugging around the necessary gear? Let HMH plan a trip that delivers your gear to the camp site in the evening as you arrive. We even help with camp chores. Backpacking Trips Choose from 2-7-day trips in a variety of New England locations. From beginners to experienced backpackers alike, we will customize the perfect trip for you. Group Trips HMH will offer several group backpacking trips throughout the year. The trips include everything from yoga at the vista to shake down hikes for those planning a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.